About Me

Dear Students, my name is Girdhari Kotwani. I am a dedicated, focused and hard working Mathematics and Physics teacher. I have a Master of Science degree in Physics and Mathematics.

Mathematics is known as MOTHER of all the Education and I feel that all the Students Must have a good knowledge of Mathematics, regardless of the branch of your studies. Because, a clear understanding of Mathematics increases your Analytical power and Thinking ability. Your problem solving skills increases and therefore your brain Power and intelligency increases. This increase in brain power help you to perform better in all the other subjects.

My Experience

I am a born teacher and teaching is in my blood. I KNOW THE ART OF TEACHING and RIGHT way TEACHING because TEACHING is a GOD-GIFTED ability in me. I teach my subjects with my heart. I TRULY enjoy teaching because I have a very strong passion in teaching. I LOVE TEACHING….

When I was a student in my school and college, I was not happy with the kind of explanations I used to receive from my teachers. In other words, my teachers were not capable enough to fully explain the concepts in subjects like Physics and Mathematics and therefore left me with lots of doubts in my mind because of improper understanding and explanations. Due to this, and because I was also highly enthusiastic and hence I started finding explanations and answers all by myself by referring many books in my college library. I used to spend a huge amount of time in researching and finding answers and clarifying all my doubts. I am a research minded person and I used to find the answers after putting huge amount of time and hours struggling all by myself.

Therefore I am fully aware and know the fear, frustations and doubts in my student’s mind because I can easily connect and relate these with myself when I was a student of their age. I have undergone the same phase as you…and I have passed with the same challenges and same frustations. That is why, I am fully aware and know the doubts you have in your mind and I don’t want you to have any frustrations.

While teaching, I treat myself a student of your age and put myself in your place and know your difficulties and doubts. Hence my explanations and style of teaching is extremely simple, very different and unique known as BACHCHA STYLE. Bachcha means a Child in India. Because I feel even a Child can easily understand my explanations.

Dear students, physics and mathematics are related and these subjects require a different approach as they are highly elaborated. You need to have a CRYSTAL CLEAR understanding of these subjects in order for you a create a good and deeper interest in Mathematics, Physics or Statistics. Otherwise, these subjects may end up and leave you with tons and tons of doubts if these subjects are not tought properly. Because of this you may end up in lacking self confidence, may loose interest and may jeopardize your future.

I have been conducting group tuitions and class room teaching in Physics, Mathematics and Statistics across many boards and universities. In addition, I have also taken Mathematics and Statistics tuitions for several students and have also solved many passed years question papers and answers specially to Cambridge International Examinations, United Kingdom on Advanced level Mathematics and Statistics AS / A level (grade XI and XII)

Due to constant requests from my students and also due to self passion, I am coming to ONLINE tuitions and training. I have very recently created my own portal WEBSITE .


To start with I have made few videos in Mathematics and Statistics for you to watch them in youtube. I am also in a process of recording few videos in Physics. After watching these videos, please give some feedback. You may also send me a request on any specific topics in Mathematics, Statistics and Physics. Upon receiving a request from you I would record videos on these topics and I would upload them on Youtube so that you may watch them.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in online classes or tuitions on one-to-one basis or group tuition basis.

That is all for the time being my dear friends and please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. Wishing you a very best of luck….