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Learn mathematics in its simplest possible form. The special emphasis is given in understanding the mechanism and Physics of Mathematics, so that students truly understand the subject....


Learn Physics with a different and unique approach and also understand a deep relationship of Physics with Mathematics....


In today's fast-paced world we have Stress all over. Because of this, we are surrounded by lots of Negative energies, such as negative thoughts, bad mood. etc.

Why GK Excellency ?

Easy to Learn

Easy to learn depend upon the Student's as well as my availabilities. Easy and convenient learning for both the students as well as myself. Learn at your room without going out...

User Friendly

Easy to operate, no complicated equipments...

Live Coaching

On-line live coaching either in One-to-One or Group Tuition basis....

What Students say

Mathematics was never my favorite subject and my Maths grades started dropping by tenth standard. But when I started my tuitions from Girdhari Sir, Mathematics became my most favorite subject....

Aditya Bagaria
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Girdhari Sir not only helped me recollect all that I had forgotten but also made all the crucial concepts clear to their very depth level,This is one of the best things about Girdhari Sir ....

Nimesh Meher
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